Ground Rules

By following these simple ground rules, you contribute to build an safe and good environment among your kite buddies.  Ride defensively and avoid dangerous situations. Kiting shall be fun!

Check temporary prohibited kitezone

At Hardangervidda mountain plateau there exist large wild reindeer herd that must not be disturbed in any matter at all times! So, before you start your epic kite session, please stay up to date with latest 👉 temporary prohibited kitezone 👈and do not kite in the red marked areas. Be aware that the wild reindeer is red-listed species, meaning they are endangered which we all must contribute to avoid. The Hardangervidda plateau is so big that there is unlimited world class snowkiting anyways, so it should be fairly easy for you to find a perfect spot to kite and not disturbing the reindeers at the same time!

Launching and landing

Do not launch the kite facing towards the road as car drivers passing by can be frightened and is likely to perform an un-maneuvering in pure reflex, causing dangerous situations. Remember that the driving condition can be quite difficult this time of year, and drivers are very concentrated. You can also be dragged towards the road if failing to launch correctly. When launching and landing your kite, make sure that you are at least 150-200 meters away from the road and that the kite is facing opposite direction of the road. Always keep an eye around you, make sure it is clear. It’s when we launch and land our kite accidents may happen. Don’t be afraid asking for help!


Do not jump over the road, it’s simply stupidity and it is extremely dangerous! Not respecting this rule will result to that we lose our magnificent snowkiting spots! Using the road to show off your tricks shouldn’t be necessary as we have the biggest playground around us! If you see others doing it, talk to them in a friendly manner and explain. They might not understand the risk involved. This also applies when the road is closed, convoys may suddenly appear!

Verify if the road is closed

Be aware that; due to the fast shifting weather conditions, the road can be open in the morning when you drive up to the mountain plateau but suddenly can be closed during the day. Always look after a yellow note on your windshield stating if the road is closed, or check or call 175 to verify. When the road is closed you MUST wait for the next convoy to escort you down from the mountain plateau. See the «Driving in Convoy» section below for further details.

Driving in convoy

The weather at the mountain plateau can shift fast and with the huge amount of snowpack the mountain gets every year, it is hard to avoid that the road getting closed from time to time. When the road is closed, it is usually too windy to snowkite anyway. A convoy is led by a «snowplow truck» in-front, number of allowed cars and a «snowplow truck» in the back of the convoy.  When driving in a convoy following rules apply:

  • Always ask the driver of the convoy which locations you are allowed to stop. Normally you are only allowed to drive to Ørteren or Lægreid.
  • You CAN NOT move your car between spots or drive back after being escorted by a convoy.
  • If you want to change spots or head back home, you MUST wait for the next convoy to be escorted back.
  • It is NOT ALLOWED to drive in any direction when the road is closed unless you are following a convoy!
  • While driving in convoy, you shall turn-on the blinking emergency lights of your car.

Not following these rules, will result to that you might lose your driving license including a huge fine. It is extremely dangerous driving when the road is closed as there is a high risk of collision with a convoy or an «snowplow truck». Also, you are destroying for others who loves to have the possibility to snowkite when the road is closed.

Wildlife and Reindeers

Lot’s of wildlife exist in the mountain plateau. Remember that during winter, this is the «hardest time» for the wildlife. If you by chance should see or meet a flock of reindeer or other wildlife while snowkiting, please simply immediately turn discreet in opposite direction. Do not in any circumstances ride with or against them, as they will waste a lot of valuable energy! Avoid this!