Welcome to Hardangervidda!

At Hardangervidda mountain plateau there is snowkiting rules that you MUST follow! One of them is to protect the wild reindeers and some of them is about your safety! It is your responsibility to to stay update on these rules. These rules exist to avoid snowkiting from being banned. We have trust in you that you respect these rules!

Temporary Prohibited Kitezone

Before you start your snowkite session, you MUST stay up to date with current temporary prohibited kitezone map to protect the wild reindeers!

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Convoy and Snowkiting Rules

At Hardangervidda there are safety snowkiting rules that you MUST follow at all times. Kiting at the mountain plateau is not without risk and can be quite dangerous if you do not follow them. Also by not following them can also result to that you trigger snowkiting ban. Guess you don’t want that to happen?

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Here you will find all the magnificent world class spotguides and what you need to be aware of. Enjoy!

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