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Billetter finner du her kl.18

Current Prohibited Kitezone


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Reindeer forecast

Do not kite south of the road at Dyranut, the reindeers are super close to RV 7.  Please stay out of the area to avoid disturbing the reindeers and please do not approach them. We will update you as soon as possible when it is allowed to kite at Dyranut again. Anway, there is not enough to kite today anyway 🙂 Thanks for helping out and understanding.

The zones are valid as of 26.02.2024 until further notice.

This forcast was last updated:
Monday 26.02.2024 at 14:16.

Reindeers at Hardangervidda

At Hardangervidda mountain plateau there exist large reindeer herd that must not be disturbed in any matter at all times! The reindeers has the hardest time during wintertime. There is lack of food and resources available to them. If you by chance should see or meet a flock of reindeer or other wildlife while snowkiting unexpectedly, please simply immediately turn discreet in opposite direction. Do not in any circumstances ride with or against them, as they will waste a lot of valuable energy! Avoid this!

Important info about "Temporary Prohibited Kitezone"

Some periods in the wintertime, the reindeer herd might be located quite close to the road RV7 and to our magnificent kitespots.

When this occurs; Oslo Kiteklubb will in co-operation with “Statens Naturoppsyn/The National Park Ranger” weekly update the temporary prohibited areas/zone that we shall stay out of to protect the reindeers. When the reindeers moves, the temporary prohibited kitezone areas will change accordingly. As soon as the reindeers has moved far enough away from the road RV7, the restrictions will be removed.

Before you start your epic kite session, please stay up to date with latest temporary prohibited kitezone and use this page actively!

If you do kite in these temporary prohibited areas, there is high risk of:

  • that you disturb the reindeers.
  • you getting fine from the police.
  • that all kiting will be totally prohibited at Hardangervidda.

Be an ambassadeur - It is your responsibility!

Be an ambassadeur and please do not kitesurf in the red areas marked on the map below!

Before you start any kite sessions at Hardangervidda, you must stay up to date with latest temporary prohibited no-kitezones area to protect the reindeers. The prohibited kitezone area might have changed since last time you enjoyed an epic session! 

It is crucial that you and your friends respect the temporary prohibited kitezone to avoid any total kitesurf ban at Hardangervidda, like you did last time👊. This is probably our last chance, where we as a kite society can prove to our authorities that this is the solution to avoid a total kitesurf ban! Whom wants that, at least not you!

Thank you for helping out to protect the reindeers! Have an epic kitesesion🤙